What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of health care that concentrates on the finding and removing a severe form of spine and nerve problem, which is a condition that puts pressure on your bodies nerves, unbalances your body, lowers your resistance to disease, and weakens you. This condition is called the vertebral subluxation complex.

What is Your Nervous System?

Your nervous system, consist of your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves. It is the most vital system of your body and its purpose is to coordinate and regulate all other bodily systems as well as help you adapt to your environment.

Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body; it controls and regulates how your body functions.

If your nervous system is interfered with or compromised so nerve messages to or from your brain are distorted, parts of your body may not work as intended.

That’s why the most significant parts of your nervous system are protected by bone. Your brain is protected by your skull and your spinal cord is covered by the moving bones of your spinal column.

What is Spinal Joint Dysfunction?

Spinal joint dysfunction occurs due to the misalignment or malfunction of spinal joints.

If you suffer from spinal dysfunction, in which spinal bones are not moving properly, your ability to turn and bend can be reduced. When a spinal bone loses its normal relationship with the bone above or below it, it may result in various symptoms like: reduced motion, muscle spasms, pain, inflammation, nerve irritation, numbness and degeneration of the joint.

What are Chiropractic Adjustments?

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek meaning “done by hand,” but there are numerous techniques a chiropractor can use to adjust the spine.

A chiropractor’s intention is what truly distinguishes and adjustment whether they use their actual hands, handheld instruments, blocks that harness the effect of gravity or other means.

The intent of the chiropractic adjustment is to help your spine and body’s ability to function at a more normal level, it is NOT to treat a disease, reduce pain or any other symptom.

Do I have to get adjusted forever?

Have you ever heard the phrase “once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life”?

Well, it’s not true. The choice is up to you. You are in charge of your health!

The five ways people choose to use chiropractic care in our office are:

  1. Relief Care – This is where most people start. We address the underlying cause of whatever it is that has prompted you to come to our office.
  2. Corrective Care – After your major symptoms improve, regular visits are designed to retrain and strengthen muscles and soft tissues for longer lasting spinal changes.
  3. Maintenance Care – Like brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, periodic visits, even without symptoms, are needed to help you avoid a relapse.
  4. Preventative Care – These visits occur less often and are comparable to an annual examination by your medical doctor. They catch small issues before they become serious.
  5. Wellness Care – The frequency of visits is dictated by the stresses and health goals of each individual. It is designed to help you reach your optimal level of health.